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Why we need more women on both sides of the table

We're delighted to be featured in Forbes this week, in an article showcasing several of the diversity-focussed events that are part of London Climate Action Week: Trevor Clawson, 'A place at the table - Why cleantech needs more women as investors and founders'.

“We need more investors to come to the table,” she says. “We’ve started with women but it goes well beyond that." Liv Sibony

If you are looking for inspiration or enlightenment, check out these LCAW sessions:

  • Jun 28th 1pm - Supporting the next generation of female cleantech pioneers a discussion about how to inspire women to stay in STEM subjects throughout their educational journey and beyond. Chaired by FiveThirteen's co-founder Pippa Gawley.

  • Jun 29th 1pm - Climate Action Entrepreneur Showcase: Female Entrepreneurs - four woman-led businesses will present, followed by Q&A from a group of expert judges including FiveThirteen's Susannah McClintoch.

  • Jun 30th 5pm - Aspiring angel investor event - support women tackling climate change. Novice female angel investors will watch three pitches from awesome women cleantech entrepreneurs, and have the opportunity to ask questions and get tips on due diligence before investing their fantasy £100,000. The event is organised by FiveThirteen co-founder Liv Sibony and all the FiveThirteen team will be there.

Susannah McLintock. “From the business point of view, diversity is important. The evidence shows that diverse teams outperform not diverse teams."

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