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Calling aspiring women cleantech angel investors!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Pre-register for our online workshop to learn about angel investment, and how to support female founders tackling climate change.

30th June 5pm, sign up on Eventbrite

About this event Fewer than 18% of angel investors are women and less than 1% of VC investment goes to female founders…We believe we are missing out on diversity of perspective to scale solutions to a growing number of environmental challenges. We want to change this by getting more women to invest in women, for good. This event will give aspiring female investors a chance to take part in a virtual event in which female impact founders will pitch for investment. How it works This event will bring together a curated group of women with a range of complementary experiences and skillsets in a safe space, without obligation to invest*. You will hear 3 talented female founders presenting their cleantech start-ups, tackling Climate Change. After the pitches you will be put into carefully curated breakout rooms with people who have different skills and experiences to yours, to discuss the businesses. An expert will facilitate the discussion and take you through a start-up assessment framework. As a team, you will then decide which is the most promising investment opportunity. This is a workshop aimed at increasing understanding and confidence in evaluating early-stage investment opportunities and as such, this event is suitable both for novices, looking to dip their toes into the world of investing in cleantech start-ups, as well as more experienced investors looking to invest in female-led cleantech start-ups, using their business model to address an environmental challenge. Who should attend Aspiring / novice investors who identify as female and want to learn about investing in start-ups with a positive impact. More experienced female impact investors interested in facilitating group discussions .

What happens next We believe diversity makes us stronger, in every sense of the term! We will therefore carefully curate each group in order to bring together a diversity of perspectives and experiences, which can enrich your learning about investing in cleantech start-ups. As a result, this is a pre-registration form to express your interest so we can create this much-needed diversity. We will confirm your attendance and if we can't include you in this session, we’ll let you know and you'll be top of the list of our next event. *N.B. There is no obligation to invest in the start-ups at the end of the exercise. If you do wish to invest, please be aware that investing in start-ups presents a financial risk and you may want to seek professional advice if you wish to invest, as these activities have not been approved by an authorised person within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

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