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A showcase for women founders in cleantech

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woman-founded cleantech companies:

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What is fivethirteen?


Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 5 = Gender equality

SDG 13 = Climate action

Women should not be left behind in the zero carbon transition.

Plant Biologist

A collaborative movement of cleantech champions

We want to help interested investors to find women-founded companies.

We work with scouts cast a wider net. 

Interested in becoming a scout?

Writing on a Notebook

A monthly showcase of woman founders for investors

We'll curate a newsletter featuring woman-founded cleantech companies currently talking to investors. 

Companies: Apply to be included.


of all UK VC money goes to  all-female founding teams
(BBB report)


of UK VC deals have all-male teams

(Atomico report)


Network bias
Unconscious bias
Sexist behaviour
Personal responsibilities
(Women in Cleantech report)

Why do we need it?

We think the underrepresentation of women founders in cleantech can not be justified


Some of the reasons for it are structural, legacy issues, slow to shift.

But some challenges, we can address right now.


Shining a light on women founders and investors will

improve visibility, provide role models and create new networks.

We want to help all investors to cast a wider net, and to evaluate all companies fairly.

Our goal: of VC money going to UK cleantech companies, 50% have at least one woman founder

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